Once you create your SMS account in Amelia, you can configure the message templates and configure the plugin for sending out the SMS notifications.

Under Amelia/Notifications/SMS Notifications, you can see a sub-menu on the left side:

  • SMS History shows the history of messages sent with this account, along with prices per message (please note that each segment is charged, so make sure to keep the messages short).
  • Customize SMS allows you to choose which notifications will be sent. You can modify the templates so they fit your needs, or you can create new notifications based on your requirements.
  • Pricing shows the detailed pricing for all supported countries and carriers (again, prices are per message segment, not an entire message, so keep them short).
  • Payment History shows you all payments you've made to recharge your SMS account.
  • User Profile is where you can change the password used for logging in to the SMS account within Amelia, and change the sender ID. If you leave "Amelia", your customers will see the US-based phone number when they receive a message, but if you change it to something else (for example "John's Barbershop") they will see that ID show up as the sender.

Message templates are different for Customers and Employees, so make sure you're modifying the correct ones. Also, the placeholders that can be used in messages are different for customers and employees.

For more info about using the SMS feature in Amelia, please feel free to check out our official documentation page or reach out to our support agents here.