If you had used the free Amelia version (Lite) before you bought the full version, there are several steps that you need to go through to upgrade it and use all its features.

Upgrade from the free Lite to the full version

The upgrade process from the free Lite version is slightly different from the regular plugin update, and it cannot be done through the Activation Settings page or otherwise automatically. Please follow the steps below to upgrade to the full version:

  1. Deactivate/delete the free Lite version that you have previously used (all your settings and data will remain intact, so do not worry about that)
  2. Locate the downloaded ZIP file with the plugin (the download is available immediately in the browser after you finish the checkout and in the emails sent upon purchase). If you didn’t download the file yet, go to our store, log in with the credentials that you’ve received via e-mail when you purchased the plugin, navigate to Purchases/Amelia and download it from there,
  3. Access Plugins section in your Dashboard,
  4. Click on “Add New” in the top left,
  5. A new window will appear, and you’ll see “Upload Plugin” – again in the top left,
  6. Click on “Choose File” and select the previously downloaded ameliabooking.zip file,
  7. Click on “Install Now”, and the plugin will automatically be installed.

You will be presented with a notice that the plugin was successfully installed, and you can click on “Activate” in that same window to activate the plugin. Of course, you can simply navigate to the Plugins section in your Dashboard, and activate Amelia from the list.

Please note that our plugin is around 16 MB in size, so if the upload limit is defined to be less than that, you may be presented with a message “The link you have followed has expired”. If you see that message, and you are not able to upload the plugin through the WordPress Plugins page, you will probably need to increase the following:

  • upload_max_file size,
  • post_max_size,
  • max_execution_time

You should be able to find these values in your php.ini file or on your hosting panel. If you can’t find it yourself, please ask your hosting provider to provide it.

Manual Upgrade through FTP

Another way of installing the full version of the plugin would be manual, through FTP. If you have any issues installing the plugin through the Dashboard, or you simply want to install it manually, please follow these instructions:

  1. Locate the downloaded zip with the full version or download it from the plugin at http://store.tms-plugins.com/
  2. Use FTP to open ../wp-content/plugins/ at your WordPress installation and extract the previously downloaded ameliabooking.zip file in that folder
  3. Go to the WP-admin panel, and open the Plugins section
  4. Activate Amelia plugin