There could be a few reasons for this, so please check the following points:

1. Are these services visible on the site?

 2. If they are, is an employee assigned to these services?

3. If (s)he is, check the employee's working hours. Working hours where services are defined in the intervals will only show the services defined in there. Make sure these two services are also included:

 In the example above, the employee is assigned to 3 services, but 2 newly added services are not automatically assigned to the employee’s working hours, even though they may be assigned to him/her in the Assigned Services tab. If you want the employee to work on all services that you have, you should clear this selection, and every new service will be added automatically.

4. Did you assign the employee to another location? If you did, please go to Amelia/Locations, and make sure that the location is visible.

5. Check the shortcode on the front-end – if you (for example) used [ameliabooking category=1], and you added the service to Category with ID: 2, the new service from category 2 will not appear in the front-end.